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I never cease to amaze myself sometimes. Once again I have done an amazing thing. Taking all aspects of dance from around the world and combined it together to come up with the video “Dance Like A Warrior”.
I want to thank everyone from the East Coast to the West Coast for participating in my new video “Dance Like A Warrior. My BBoy Fam from Arizona Gochtv Goch, from Pittsburgh Still Min on the beats.., also my big brother from NYC Thomas L. Mitchell and the Harlem Monjazbale’t Bodies In Motion Dance Company.. And Lmk Peaceofminddesigns on the camera work and coediting from Minnesota.. I also must thank Access Television in Fergus Falls Minnesota Joe and Jim for allowing me to use there space to tape.
I have a series of wonderful new songs coming, albums more videos and the trailer from the new documentary coming soon.. But my song dance like a warrior is
Produced by D.B.S./Stillmin and Kev Hutch.
Directed and overseen by Kev Hutch. Edited and produced by Kev Hutch and LMK.
All I can tell you is this video is going to blow you away. Original music, reality, pure underground hip-hop music. Not many are touching this level of entertainment that were producing. That’s all I got to say. Pure soulful music from music warriors!

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